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EN | 中文 Tuesday, July 3, 2012

[Trick] Watch Hong Kong’s TVB / American TV Series PPS on iOS PPS without jailbreak

Do you know anyway to watch the latest Hong Kong’s TVB drama on your iPad / iPhone? Ya. We know it, PPS Player, perhaps you definite can’t play some region restriction content in your country like me, in Singapore / Malaysia.


Some would say, you might required to jailbreak your device to replace the FavoritePlistInfo.plist in the PPS file system using iFile. Well, actually you can do this without jailbreak your device by using iTools. Anyhow, that’s all already outdated way and perhaps a lot of limitation you might found and it still not work perfectly… Trust me, don’t waste your time to try on it, now I gonna show you the easiest and fastest trick to achieve it. No Jailbreak, No

1. The only prerequisite thing you have to prepare is an iPad which connected to WIFI.

2. Go into the iPad Settings , and select your wifi connection name. Then click on the DHCP button, select on the Manual button and enter the following information

Settings > Wi-Fi > DHCP > Manual

Port: 80


3. Now, go back to your PPStream and you will be able to see the new drama list.


4. Click on any of the episode you wish to watch. Once it turn to buffering screen, now please switch back to Wifi Setting and turn off for the http Proxy.


5. Once you turn off the proxy. quickly switch back PPS tv and continue enjoy you watching.


* You may remember the proxy number either bookmark this post or write it down somewhere so that you can refer next time when need.